Join Rob Wallace for this unique opportunity to connect with your peers in a collaborative, non-competitive environment.  Select the PDMC + Strategic Design Firm Leadership Summit registration option to include this pre-conference forum in your agenda.


The Strategic Design Firm Leadership Summit
A half-day workshop exclusively for Strategic Design Firm Management
January 24, 2017
11:00AM – 4:00 PM

Moderated by Rob Wallace, managing partner at Best of Breed Branding Consortium, this one-of-a-kind forum assembles agency professionals for a candid and honest discussion about how to redesign the design industry together.

“Reversing the Race to the Bottom”…
Re-Designing The Strategic Design Consultancy

We are experiencing a tectonic shift in the evolution of brand identity design consulting. A rising tide of interest combined with an exceptionally low cost of entry has resulted in an over proliferation of design firms all vying for the same projects. Face it. As an industry we are hyper-proliferated and under-differentiated. We all have a greatly similar process. We all have beautiful work across multiple CPG categories. Many of us have international offices to address our clients’ multi-cultural needs. We all respond with the same deliverables to our client’s detailed RFP’s. And as a result, the only thing that truly differentiates us are our fees. Combine “crowd sourcing” with free pitching and our clients’ ever fighting grip on costs, and it’s a flat out race to the bottom.

What we created, we can change. Let’s turn the mirror back on ourselves and treat this issue like any client project. In a four-hour interactive workshop, Rob Wallace will present our industry’s problems and together we will brainstorm how to solve them.

You will determine the topics we will focus on. You select the areas your company is most struggling with- which might include:

  • Meaningful and relevant differentiation from one another
  • CRM in an age where our clients branding teams leave their jobs every 3 months
  • Attracting and retaining talent when they are being poached by competition
  • Succession planning, merger and acquisition opportunities, ESOPs
  • The benefits and pitfalls of international expansion

And any other topic that is keeps you up at night.
You will learn:

  • How to work ON your business versus solely FOR your client’s business
  • How to recast the RFP into a “Request for Partnership”
  • How to motivate your strategic and creative staff as you build recent and relevant expertise in every client category… this is about reinforcing the brand proposition of the consultancy via every touch point
  • How to enable every person in your organization to become a brand ambassador
  • How to structure performance-based compensation
  • How to fall in love with the Design industry again.


Plus, this year, the Strategic Design Firm Leadership Summit wraps up its day with candid dialogue with D Event participants, comprised of leading brand owners and retailers.

Park your ego at the door. Roll up your sleeves. Join your friendly competitors for a candid and honest discussion about how together we can redesign the design industry.

Strictly limited to 40 strategic design firm principals and senior management. Limited to one principal per agency. Additional fee required.