Camila Alves

When devoted mother, fashion and lifestyle expert and entrepreneur, and Yummy Spoonfuls’ co-founder Camila Alves found herself with three kids and countless nights surrounded by bowls of purees in a messy kitchen, she knew there should be a simpler way to provide fresh, unprocessed, homemade food for babies and kids.
Then Alves met Agatha Achindu. Upon tasting Achindu’s food, Alves quickly realized the two shared a common vision of providing delicious, nutritious food using simple manufacturing methods. (Born and raised in Brazil to a family of farmers, Alves grew up with a strong connection to the taste and aroma of food made using only fresh-picked ingredients.)
Today, Alves and Achindu are partners changing the way kids eat through the Yummy Spoonfuls’ brand. Alves is also bringing her expertise as a model and fashion and lifestyle expert to the masses through the lifestyle website, Women of Today, which focuses on food, family, fashion, beauty and crafts. Additionally, Alves has developed strong social media prowess, with more than 107,000 following her on Instagram at iamcamilaalves.

Delicious Collaboration
Thursday, January 26 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM