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Gap Systems was founded with the core goal of helping organizations work more efficiently together. Recognizing that most organizations have complex supply chains and that getting products to market is often part art and part science, we set about developing a powerful but simple to use web based solution that could really streamline the product development process. SmartFlow is a business process solution that can track and manage any type of data or project and proactively manages Marketing, NPD, Regulatory and Artwork Approval processes. It is secure, robust, and reliable even in very high production environments, with clients ranging from small workgroups through global enterprise deployments. We believe that clients should not be locked in to any one vendor or supply chain partner and should be in control of their workflow and business processes. We believe collaboration is at it’s best when all parties in the supply chain realize benefit and value.

Name: Vicki Blake
Title: VP Business Development - NA
Phone: 412 318 4772