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Unlike any other event, D brings together experienced, senior-level corporate Design and business leaders in an intimate and collaborative environment. The format is focused on you – via round table discussions to share the challenges, experiences, and solutions most important to you, as the topics are provided by you. D will also include a brief keynote discussion from a prominent luminary in the industry, as well as a panel discussion addressing the diverse views related to Design.

D will provide

  • Highly relevant content – provided and directed by you
  • “Ah-ha’s”, ideas, examples, and tools to help you elevate the practice of design within your organizations and on your businesses
  • Opportunities to learn with and learn from other corporate design leaders, as well as to inspire each other
  • An environment that fosters collaboration and leads to solutions

D is brought to you by A Better View & Reset Branding, in partnership with the Package Design Matters Conference.

Name: John Gleason
Title: Co-Founder of D Event
Name: John Miziolek
Title: Co-Founder of D Event