Top Design Minds Converge

At D Event + Design Firm Leadership Summit…

There is really no other way to describe these two pre-conference events. The estimated market cap of the company’s represented at The D Event in 2015 event exceeded $370 billion dollars. The D Event is where the top design minds of the largest CPG companies in the world come together, literally.

And many people may not realize this, but 2016 will be the eighth year of D. John Miziolek and John Gleason are the original founders. Miziolek grew up in the design industry, learning from his father. And Gleason spent years at P&G working with agencies and internal design teams.

If you aren’t familiar with D, these industry rock stars can fill you in. In short, it’s a supplier-free forum for senior design and marketing leaders to talk openly about common industry challenges and learn from each other. Peter Borowski, former head of design at Kraft Foods put it best, “Where else can you go […] and have a small group of designers sitting in a room discussing current issues. I don’t think that really happens at other conferences. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The purpose of D is to elevate the practice of Design as a strategic business tool – a very close parallel to the goals of the Packaging Design Matters Conference. It only makes sense that the two events take place together, which is why D took place at the first PDMC this past January. That was your history lesson for the day by the way.

PDMC and D organizers are super pumped to put on another great event in 2016. And they’re even more excited that a similar event will be starting just for design firm leaders. Rob Wallace, managing partner of Best of Breed Branding Consortium, will be moderating the Strategic Design Firm Leadership Summit.

The Summit will run concurrently with D. Like D, it’s a one-of-a-kind event. There aren’t any conferences or forums where agency leaders come together and talk without clients. It’s a pretty provocative concept. And the people who have heard about it so far seem really excited, which makes us even more excited. We can’t wait.

This event will truly be the first time that agency leaders have an opportunity to talk candidly about “redesigning” the design industry. It’s sure to be interesting.

If you haven’t yet registered for one of these events, don’t worry. Click here.